Meet The Team

Cherry Roy Choudhary 


I am a 4th year Medical Student at Nottingham. Having been involved in INSPIRE for a couple of years, I’ve been deeply intrigued by the world of Academic medicine. ​​Academia ​drives medical ​evolution through research and provides an innovative window for the future of medical advancements.  Hence, I look forward to working together with this dedicated committee towards keeping university students on their toes on modern medical practices. In my leisure time, you’ll most likely find me either in the badminton or tennis court, singing or just spending time in the city centre eating out with friends.

Nabeela Bhaloo

Vice President

I am a 5th year medical student, and since I started medical school I always enjoyed attending the lectures organised by INSPIRE. Last year in my role as Lecture Series Coordinator I was able to plan lectures by a number of esteemed speakers who are amongst the top doctors in their fields. This year in my role as Vice President, I am excited to work with the committee to build upon our existing initiatives as well as developing new initiatives. When I’m not studying, you can find me in the gym or trying out some new recipes in the kitchen!

Sophia Wong

General Secretary

I am a 4th year medical student at Nottingham. I have always been interested in Academic Medicine and really enjoyed participating in INSPIRE events. Working with other enthusiastic members of the INSPIRE committee in the past year has been a very fruitful and exciting experience. I believe INSPIRE helps to cultivate passion in Academic Medicine amongst students. I truly look forward to my new role as the General Secretary. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, hanging out with my friends and going to the gym.

Taimia Nomani


I am back again on committee this year, but this time I’m in my final year and I have a brand new role. Having thoroughly enjoyed undertaking research during my dissertation period, I began to realise that academic research wasn’t as bad as I had initially imagined. After my role as Lecture Series Coordinator with Nabeela last year, my own preconceptions about what the reality of a career in academic medicine entails were answered. I am keen to share the importance of keeping an open mind when considering future paths, and hope to do this by working with the rest of the committee to put on a great line up of events! When I’m not in a hospital, I’ll be enjoying the outdoors; you’ll find me hiking, running or travelling!

Aisling Brinn

Lecture Series Co-ordinator

I am a 5th year medical student and joined INSPIRE’s committee for the first time this year. I have been impressed by INSPIRE’s previous achievements and have enjoyed the many talks that I have attended. Like many medical students I have not decided on a single specialty that I wish to pursue, but whatever I choose I know that research and education will play a pivotal part. I’m excited to be a part of a passionate and driven committee who are all keen to host high-quality and interesting events for students. Outside of medicine I enjoy reading, spending time outside and drawing.

Cecilia Cireli

Lecture Series Co-ordinator

I’m a third year medical student from Rome, and I was involved in an INSPIRE summer project last year: even if it was my first introduction to research, it made me realize that academic medicine will definitely be a part of my future career. As I recently joined another summer project, I also wanted to be part of this driven committee, in order to make sure that every medical student could discover their passion for research. In my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar and singing with friends, reading about philosophy and annoying everyone with my undying love for Italian food.

Emma Poynton-Smith

INSRIP Co-ordinator

I’m a final year GEM who was on committee last year as the GEM Rep, but mostly ended up getting involved with INSRIP anyway! I’m very enthusiastic about the work INSPIRE does, especially in terms of raising awareness of academic medicine generally, running the fascinating annual lecture series, and enabling students to get involved in research directly through INSRIP. When I’m not trying to find time to get actual uni work done alongside my many extracurricular commitments (Derby Hospital Play Team, Derby Knit-a-Soc, and Derby Medical Society), I like to bake, read, and sometimes even find time to run/swim/gym!

Rachel Mackay

INSRIP Co-ordinator

I am a 4th year medical student at Nottingham. Prior to starting medical school, I was heavily involved in research throughout my first degree. I found this experience incredibly enriching and believe other students should have the opportunity to explore the academic aspects of medicine. As such, I’m looking forward to continuing in the role of INSRIP coordinator and working with the new committee. Outside of medicine, I enjoy travelling and trying new places to eat.

Tam Calder

INSRIP Co-ordinator

Hi there! I’m a 4th year medical student in my second clinical phase. The field of medicine is ever-evolving and being a part of INSPIRE enable students, like myself, to gain real experience and insight into the research behind the future of medicine. I look forward to working with the committee to create these opportunities like these for our members to get involved with. When I’m not running around the hospital corridors, you will mostly find me running up and down Derby road or in town eating out with friends.

Chloe Monnier

AFP Co-ordinator

Currently a final year medical student, I have had the opportunity to spend a couple of years studying biology and working in research prior to coming to Nottingham for medical school. I benefited greatly from that experience and I believe INSPIRE can help medical students get an insight into how research can help improve medical practice. I am looking forward to spending another year working with the INSPIRE team, doing our best to allow fellow students to grow through exposure to research projects and researchers. When not tinkering away in the lab or loitering in the hospital, I can be found hunting and foraging for tea and cake.

Alisha Gupta

AFP Co-ordinator

I am a second-year medical student and have found the INSPIRE lectures over the past year fascinating. I have learned a lot about academic medicine through the INSPIRE society during my first year at medical school and am keen for others to do the same. I am very excited to work with the rest of the team to deliver events and provide information about the importance of research and academia in relation to both current and future medical practice. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports, spending time outdoors with friends and trying out new foods!

Daniel Pickering

GEM Representative

I am a final year medical student here at Nottingham. After the BMedSci I took three years out to pursue a PhD in molecular microbiology at the University of Leeds. As medical students our exposure to research is fairly limited, even considering the opportunity the BMedSci affords. INSPIRE is a great opportunity to get further involved in research and understand what it entails. In my role I hope to assist students in their project and influence them to consider a career in academia. Outside of medicine I am a keen motorcyclist.

George Davies

GEM Representative

I am a second year GEM who came along to a few events in my first year. I have always been interested in academia, and was very close to completing a Chemistry PHD before starting this course. Therefore, I hope to inform GEM’s in particular about this society, and it is a great change to get more involved in research itself. The little time I get to myself I like to spend swimming or running, and enjoy cooking.

Srishti Sarkar

Graphic Design

I’m a fifth year medical student and over the years I’ve enjoyed the events Inspire organises, including the 4th East Midlands Student Research Conference. I’m excited to be a part of a committee that will allow me to combine my love for graphic design and research. In my free time you can find me binge watching Marvel movies or Netflix.

Charmaine Chan


I am a 5th year medical student at Nottingham! I have been actively participating in activities organised by INSPIRE since 1st year and it is my great pleasure this year to promote INSPIRE and highlight the importance of academic medicine to those at Nottingham and across the UK. At the moment, I am interested in ENT, ophthalmology or general medicine. In my leisure time, I enjoy listening to classical music, playing instruments and collecting stamps.

Pradipta Debnath


I am a second-year medical student and INSPIRE has been a part of my life from the beginning of medical school. Starting from regular lectures organised by the society, I decided to go to the East Midlands Research conference (last year) and eventually signed up for their research internship! Coming from a country with minimal research especially in medicine, I was really interested to join the society and make a difference. I can say without a doubt it was a great decision! In my free time, I try to blog my experience in medical school, watch or do stand up comedy and recently I have been uploading videos on YouTube!