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Every year INSPIRE invites renowned academics from various aspects of medicine to tell us about their careers and lives.


Certificates of attendance and free pizza are always provided!


Watch This space!

We will be planning a lecture series next academic year (2024) so keep an eye out!

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INSPIRE was delighted to welcome Mr. Henry Marsh, our Keynote Lecturer for 2020. Mr. Henry Marsh, CBE, Neurosurgeon, is a pioneer of neurosurgical advances in the Ukraine and is the best-selling author of two memoirs 'Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery', and the highly-acclaimed 'Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery'.




For INSPIRE's final event of the academic year, we were delighted to invite Sir Jeremy Farrar to deliver a keynote lecture about his career as Director of the Wellcome Trust. Sir Farrar has published over 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and his research interests are infectious diseases, tropical medicine, and emerging infections. In 2005 he was appointed OBE for services to tropical medicine and in 2015 he was named 12th in Fortune's list of the World's 50 Greatest Leaders.




Plastic Surgery

INSPIRE Nottingham welcomed Ms. Rozina Ali, a pioneer in Plastic Surgery. 

During her illustrious career Ms Ali has been the recipient of multiple scholarships allowing her to practice Plastic Surgery across the globe. Ms Ali is widely published as an academic having contributed to major international plastic surgery and breast surgery texts.

Ms Ali's career also spans into TV presenting and she has presented BBC2's Horizon series episode, The Truth about Looking Young.

Transplant Surgery

INSPIRE welcomed Mr. Andrew Ready, MBE, and Mr. Majid Mukadam, MBE.

Mr. Ready is a Consultant Renal Transplant surgeon at University Hospitals Birmingham. He performed the first organ transplant in Ghana was awarded an MBE in 2018 for his services to renal transplantation and his involvement overseas.

Mr. Mukadam is a Birmingham based Retrieval Surgeon for Heart and Lung Transplant. He has encouraged thousands of Asian people to sign the organ donor register by raising awareness about transplant and organ donation within the Asian community. 


ENT Surgery

This was an evening with two renowned ENT surgeons.


Professor Hartley leads the Objective measures area of the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre Heating theme. His innovative research includes using functional near-infrared spectroscopy to develop prognostic tools for cochlear implantation. 

Mr. Kasbekar is the East Midlands Regional Training Programme Director for ENT Surgery and Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham. He has also worked at the renowned House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles. 


Child Health

INSPIRE Nottingham welcomed Dr. Tabitha Randell, Consultant in Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes and Dr. Pallab Majumder, Consultant in Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

Dr. Randell was chair of the East Midlands Paediatric Diabetes Network from 2009-2015 and is interested in creating engaging digital solutions for children and young adults with diabetes.

Dr. Majumder has a particular interest in developing specialist mental health services for children in care and for refugee children.


The INSPIRE Committee was honoured to host Professor Roy Taylor and Professor Wasim Hanif


Professor Roy Taylor from the University of Newcastle has spent the last four decades researching Type 2 diabetes and has established its potential reversibility through a low calorie diet.


Professor Wasim Hanif is a top Birmingham-based endocrinologist and expert on diabetes, obesity, and ethnic health. Prof. Hanif has been involved in an advisory role to the government and NICE regarding issues relating to Diabetes and ethnic health. 


The INSPIRE Committee was honoured to host Professor Lobo.


Having trained in India and the UK, Professor Lobo is Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery at the University of Nottingham and Consultant Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgeon at the QMC. He is also the surgical lead for the Nottingham Digestive Disease Centre and author of over 130 papers. His research interests include surgical nutrition and metabolism, fluid and electrolyte balance and pancreatic cancer. 


This was an evening with two leading academics Professor Gerry McCann and Dr. Frances Bu'Lock.


Professor McCann has been at the forefront of Cardiovascular MRI Research, receiving over £8M in funding. His talk was entitled, "Using MRI to improve cardiovascular health outcomes."


Dr Bu'Lock is the current lead of the foetal cardiology service in Leicester, Programme Director for Paediatric Cardiology East Midlands and as well as being the Cardiology Editor of a leading journal.


Renowned experts in the field, Professor Johnathan Van Tam and Professor David Baldwin delivered lectures in which they discussed their research, reflected on their career highlights, and offered advice to students. 


Professor Van Tam is an internationally recognised flu, vaccine, and respiratory expert. He has advised the World Health Organization, the UK Government, and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. 


Professor Baldwin is Chair of the Clinical Expert Group for Lung Cancer (NHS England) and the lead respiratory physician on the UK CT lung cancer screening trial. 

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