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Inspired by Rhodri Marsden’s first x-ray? Love the impossibly intricate symmetry of proteins?

See the beauty in liver histology?

Enter the INSPIRE’s ‘Art of Research’ competition, showcasing the artistic side of academia.

This art competition is open to any students studying in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Pieces which clearly demonstrate the relationship between academia and art will be marked highly by judges.

Watch this space

The next Art of Research competition is going ahead in 2024. Look out for more updates!

2021: Growth



How do I submit the artwork?

If you are interested in submitting a piece, please email to arrange a time to drop it off in the Med School. Please also provide a description on a piece of paper that will be displayed with your piece, describing your interpretation and inspiration for your idea (recommended max around 250 words). It would be great if you could drop off your creative work in a box/plastic wallet etc (but don’t worry if this isn’t possible).

When is the deadline to submit artwork?

22nd November 2021

What sort of creative piece can I do?

We are looking for any creative piece including paintings, drawings, photography and 3D sculptures but are completely open to any other ideas! The theme this year is ‘GROWTH’ so try to tailor your ideas around the theme – the more creative, the better!

The highest scoring pieces should link academia to their creative piece, whilst sticking to the theme.

Where and when will the exhibition be held?

Med School Foyer, 26th November 2021 6-8pm

If you have any further questions, feel free to message our

Art of Research Rep, Jasmine at

2020: HOPE


The theme for our event in 2020 is “HOPE”! 

We are looking for creative pieces based on any scientific research from the past or present that helped propel or will potentially revolutionise the scientific world, thereby giving humanity hope! This could be from any project you’ve completed while at medical school, an inspiration of a piece of research you have seen recently or scientific discoveries that you may have read about. 

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 23.58.52.png


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