Inspired by Rhodri Marsden’s first x-ray? Love the impossibly intricate symmetry of proteins?

See the beauty in liver histology?

Enter the INSPIRE’s ‘Art of Research’ competition, showcasing the artistic side of academia.

This art competition is open to any students studying in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Pieces which clearly demonstrate the relationship between academia and art will be marked highly by judges.



After a tremendous success in last year’s competition, we will be hosting our

2nd edition of the event.

The theme for our event in this year 2020 is “HOPE”! 

We are looking for creative pieces based on any scientific research from the past or present that helped propel or will potentially revolutionise the scientific world, thereby giving humanity hope! This could be from any project you’ve completed while at medical school, an inspiration of a piece of research you have seen recently or scientific discoveries that you may have read about. 

There is, however, a small twist this year and can you all guess what it is? Yes! The art of research event is going to be conducted online on a mind-boggling virtual art exhibition platform! Everyone is welcome to attend the exhibition evening.

Come and experience for yourselves this amazing event on

December 4th, from 6 – 8:30 PM

Participants will give a 2 minute talk about their artwork on the day of the even. Pieces which clearly demonstrate the relationship between academia and art, as well as the theme, will be marked highly!

Any creative piece, such as a painting, drawing, photography, video or film which the student has individually produced can be entered.


  1.  How do I submit artwork online?
    Sign up to the form link above.
    Paintings, drawings, photography:
       Submit as a photograph (in high resolution; JPEG or TIFF format)
       Whatever is not part of the final image must be cropped out and only the             artwork should be seen. 
       See advice on
    How to Photograph Artwork here
       Submit in MP4 format
       Submit in MP3 format 
    • Sculpture

       Submit as a video of the sculpture in a suitable setting
       Send in MP4 format
    Submissions must be made to:
    Please add a brief note about your artwork, the name of the piece and dimensions (if possible) on submitting. 


  2. What kind of virtual platform will the exhibition be held on? 
    Most likely Zoom; details will be confirmed soon.

  3. When is the deadline?
    The deadline to submit artwork is the 10th November.
    The time from the deadline to the exhibition willl be used for constructing our gallery. 


  4. What if I don't want to give a 2 minute talk but still want to submit artwork?
    We are happy to read a script on your behalf about your artwork!
    Let Greg (Art of Research Rep) know in advance along with a script. 


If you have any further questions, feel free to message our Art of Research Rep Greg



Certificates and Food Vouchers for 

1st, 2nd & 3rd places


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