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SFP unlocked:Keys to clinical academia

This year INSPIRE Nottingham partnered in the national SFP teaching series run by the SFP unlocked team. These resources are to help final year medical students with their application to the Specialised Foundation Programme 

current EVENTS

Introduction to sFP

August 16th 2023, Online

Join this event to listen to:

  • An introduction to a career in academic medicine

  • How to prepare your portfolio

  • More information about the SFP programme


talk with SFP directors


August 23rd 2023, Online

Join us to hear Prof Paul Baker, Northwest foundation school director, and Dr Sunil Daga, Yorkshire academic lead answer your questions and any concerning SFP in general.

Choosing your deanery


August 30th 2023, Online

Our talk seeks to shed light on the requirements for each deanery, giving attendees the opportunity to make better informed decisions and the confidence to submit a successful SFP application.

Acing your white space questions


September 13th 2023, Online

Focused guidance on white space questions;

  • Explore STAR framework

  • Helpful examples

  • How to approach

Unlocking wsqs with professor gill vance

September 20th 2023, Online

Professor Vance is the SFP lead at the Northern Foundation School and Consultant Paediatrician of Great North Children's Hospital. She will present examples of past applicants' answers and discuss how to optimise responses. Learn effective strategies to unlock WSQs and unique insights.


interview prep 1:critical appraisal and practices

October 18th 2023, Online

This session is relevant to medical professionals wanting guidance on interview preparation. By attending, they will learn how to assess a research paper using the PICO framework, enabling them to confidently approach critical appraisal and succeed in their medical interview.


interview prep 2:clinical stations & A-E scenarios

November 1st 2023, Online

Experienced SFP doctors from Sheffield will be leading the session and walk attendees through some of the most commonly asked A-E scenarios for interviews. Not only this session will help to brush up their interview skills, but also provide them useful tips for the A-E station in the OSCE.


interview prep 3:personal motivation & aspiration questions

November 15th 2023, Online

WeiYing (SFP Yorkl) and Ankit (SFP Leeds) will provide advice and insights into how to answer these questions to achieve success at the interview, as well as personalized tips to help the attendees stand out. Don't miss this opportunity to prepare for a successful SFP interview.


what to do with your sfp?

May 1st 2024, Online

This teaching session provides medical professionals with the knowledge to successfully navigate their organization's Stewardship Financial Plan (SFP). Topics include managing investments, budgeting, and more. Attendees will learn effective ways to utilize the SFP to maximize effectiveness, ensure an organization's financial health, and create transparency.



September 7th 2020

Join this event to listen to;

  • An introduction to a career in academic medicine

  • Reasons for and against applying to academia

  • More information about the AFP programme

introduction to afp


Clinical reasoning


September 14th 2020

​This event will help to prepare for the clinical reasoning station in AFP interview, covering both clinical reasoning and decision making aspects in case studies.

This session focuses on key points of critical appraisal, to best prepare for AFP interviews.


critical appraisal of the literature

September 28th 2020

This event will help to prepare for the critical appraisal station in the AFP interview. 

Pre-work will be circulated before the session to enhance what will be learned from this event.


mock afp interviews

November 14th 2020

Mock interview run by current doctors in the AFP programme.

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