INSPIRE Nottingham organises a multitude of events to help final year medical students with their application to the Academic Foundation Programme. These events take place annually. 


Clinical Reasoning Session

September 6th

B128, QMC.

The session goes through clinical reasoning scenarios, similar to what  might come up in an AFP interview.

The session is run by current academic junior doctors. There will also be certificates of attendance.


Critical Appraisal of the Literature Refresher

October 25th

B128, QMC.

This session focuses on key points of critical appraisal, to best prepare for AFP interviews.

Our speaker is an academic from the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology and this session will complement what was covered in central teaching a few weeks ago.

Part of the session will be small-group discussion on 2 papers that will be circulated on the facebook page- click below.


Mock AFP Interview Session

November 16th

 Room to be confirmed, QMC.


A mock interview with multiple stations run by current doctors in the AFP programme. More information to follow- join the Nottingham Inspire facebook group for latest updates.