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INSPIRE is a nationwide programme supported by the Wellcome Trust to engage medical students in research

Our key aims are to:

1) Promote and highlight to value of medical research as medical students

2) Showcase

leaders in academic medicine, both for this university and beyond

3) Provide 

opportunities for students to be involved in medical research throughout their time at medical school

6) Create an 

alumni network

connecting students to academics who provide support, advice and networking opportunities

5) Deliver a 

"Crash Course to the Academic Foundation Programme" and mock interviews helping students with their AFP applications

4) Deliver a 

"Crash Course to the BMedSci Lecture Series" helping 3rd years to nagivate through their research projects




This new initiative follows our desire to give interested students all the opportunities to do a research project with renowned academics at the University of Nottingham usually during summer holidays.


Previously, students had the opportunity to present their research with posters and even publications.



As the name suggests, this is a series of lectures given by Academic Doctors in various specialities. They are aimed mostly at students, but also at scientists and doctors. We believe they are a great opportunity for us all to learn about what a career in academia has to offer and to meet incredible individuals.


The biggest event for our committee! This is a lecture, given by a renowned academic who has made outstanding contributions to science. Our keynote speaker for the academic year 2019-2020 was Mr. Henry Marsh, CBE, Neurosurgeon.

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This is a fantastic opportunity for final year’s medical students interested in applying for an AFP post. We will give you the opportunity to run a mock AFP interview which will help you in preparation for the real one! Previous students found the series of events very useful.


National medical research conference

A joint initiative organised in partnership with Leicester and UEA’s Inspire committees, this annual conference gives students the opportunity to present their research and be acknowledged for it. This is a great opportunity to show your achievements, enriched by the possibility to attend several career workshop and interact with high-profile academics who will be there as invited speakers.

In Autumn 2017, Inspire hosted the EMSRC at the University of Nottingham. We welcomed academics from all around the UK and saw some great work by students and staff alike. Please browse through our gallery to find out more. 


ARt OF research Competition

The Art of Research exhibition is a research-based art competition wherein art pieces from medical students will be put up for exhibit. 

The artworks which show the best correlation with medical research will be awarded by judges. 


This event is a new initiative that was started last year and is open for medical students from all year groups.

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